and then lady saw revolutionises the matey argument – like me mate

dear Jesus

if you are listening, spare me a moment. Lady Saw is speaking again. Lord we thought we understood this wifey matey thing, but Saw has come to explain to us the perks of matey

she has no a/c but she blows the fan. the mater is mining her and the man. both of them enuh

usually matie is trying to nyam out wifey money

but this matie is equitable. she has civic pride. its a nice ambitious girl. she’s willing to do what it takes

she’s mannersable

and she send the man home at night

dats nice eeh?

when di mate give di man money, him give saw di grands. all a buy har jeans

a coalition pon di man?

a wah kinda new age matie dis

dem nowadays mate a gallang BAD.

but me nuh waan yu feel seh saw nuh have har limits enuh. if di man mek she haffi go doctor she kill him

is not a free for all. tek it outta yu mind


if you have a minute

a word is needed lord

a word




8 Replies to “and then lady saw revolutionises the matey argument – like me mate”

    1. Hie !
      I’m a french speaker and I’m not really understanding what is she talking about.
      Is it about her boyfriend or about a girl => Mate ?

      1. the mate is the woman on the side. she’s saying she appreciates the boyfriend’s other woman because the woman buys things fr herself and the booyfriend and is respectful of the man woman

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