Riverton landfill fire releases carcinogens – wah bout the people who live dere?

There is another way to write this story

and it reads like this:

residents of Majestic gardens (who have been exposed to carcinogens for years) were recently exposed to pollutants at three times the accepted standard of the World Health Organization.

Bwoy, i know the effects will be felt across Kingston and St. Andrew, but why the people who live near or in the dump nuh get mentioned til the last line?

I not faulting the reporter, me nah seh every report must start and end wid ‘on behalf of poor people’

it just mek me sad seh people really a live under dem conditions yah still

three times di accepted level enuh. and people live right round di dump

and the asthma case dem a increase

but wah bout di pickney dem weh nuh come a hospital because dem parents cyaan even afford bus fare or di medication

i bet if we tek a trip out deh di numbers a go change up rapidly

bwoy Jamaica(ns)

wah we a go do fi yu? fi weself



One Reply to “Riverton landfill fire releases carcinogens – wah bout the people who live dere?”

  1. If they are able to vote against their own best interest when the time comes they will fulfill their duty to society. In the mean time nobody cares.

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