Tifa- Ex Man (if yu skin thin nuh bodda wid da one yah)

Me seh

Tifa go inna di studio agen fi send a message to di people dem who refuse fi learn fi heng pon fan

she seh di man force har fi dweet and now she haffi show him wah her ex-man teach har

yu know seh me haffi pause right deso

how yu woulda feel?

can imagine

when di smaddy tell yu seh yu cute and yu look good but yu useless and clueless inna bed

but do not despair!

di last smaddy me did deh wid teach me a whole heap a fashion and style and now i shall drop dem on you like ((((BOMB)))) <–me know it old, but me just buss pon da style deh. watch itΒ  a buss weh a road now.

nuh bawl yu a go bawl?

nuh dig yu a go dig hole and jump een?

and when she do di summn dem and it really sweet yu

nuh depressed yu depressed

sas crise!

and when yu see di smaddy a road and realise seh dem really have dem talent deh….yu nuh start gi dem money? yu nuh walk far in shame?

a one ting wid Tifa enuh.

she know how fi line out har argument dem


she seh it

she nah go get shallow

good man tiddeh she a go mek yu better best tomorrow

of course

who can argue wid a likkle improvement

no one at all

so wah yu haffi do

thick up yu skin


and learn weh she a teach

after all

yu nuh waan be di bes you can be fi di smaddy weh yu deh wid? cyaan argue me boss.

but….yu see da part deh bout tremble and vibrate pon it

once again….me inna di wilderness and doan know what she talkin bout

di more me lissen

di more me single life become clear to me



riddim up!



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