bun and cheese, fry sprat, ben-hur and 5 hours a church. Jamaican Easter a di best!

Happy Good Frideh

and Happy Easter

to di Rasta dem- bad Friday to you

me nah cry ova di bun and cheese weh me nuh have



me nah cry

easter deh yah an a time fi nyam and praise di Lawd

run up and dungggggggg

the video is also available on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/39920230


One response

  1. Me ‘ere a Calgary – afta church on G. friday – mi husband seh “ah coulda eat a whole bun”. So we seh we a-go mek one. Walk out di whola Superstore a look cherries an nuff stuff – after teking 1/2 hour a contemplate a whole wall ah beer inna di liquor store (hubby was insisting dat dey mus have a Dragon stout – Guiness had to werk). We go home bruk out Enid Donaldson book – “Real taste of Jamiaca” and mix up de bun. Was a epic fail – all other years we were out of Ja, parents did send a HTB via FedEx – I think we never organize we self, and it was just sad.

    Went to a Ja diaspora event the next day and bought a round spice bun and a TINY piece ah TASTEE cheeze fe CDN$5!!!!!, but it wasnt the same!
    Please post yu father’s bun recipie – dem look boss!!!!

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