Drake ft Rihanna take care..me start like bajan bukka

unnu know how me feel bout riri di bajan bucka right
and me know everybody a call drake emo thug and a ask if a tears him use soften him tough head

but i nuh really matter
riri a synthesise nicely
and gimme a hip hop (ish) <—altho it come een like most hip hop a hip hop-ish recently. especially di young money one dem
gimme a hip hop artist weh a talk to a ooman honestly and not like she’s his ho
and me will show yu smaddy weh me ready fi married and sekkle wid
riddim up!

PS…yes rihanna, yu a gi dem every kinda sixteen candles damsel in distress style inna dis one

inna da light ya yu only look dark black girl

nuh fret, me undastan di motivation


and drizzy…me like yu half a fist pup whirly hop dance

its so….geeky

iStan for reformed emo nerds

talk up to him billfold!


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