dem basic food tax people a grieve me now & we need low income housing

them people yah weh insist on taxing basic food items really a friggin grieve me now enuh
they are suggesting concrete decisive action that will have real lived implications: people cyaan buy food fi feed themselves and them family.
Now, at least this writer realises there will be a short fall
but the suggested solution is the vague ‘improved safety net for poor people’
what is that?
that is a very very vague term for what is a real thing: HUNGER
please suggest real, REAL solutions before you make such a drastic change
and since we all know how governments struggle to honour their word- prove the new system will work before you push people further into poverty!

and while we are at it, I have issues with people occupying land that is not their own as much as the next person. Me woulda hate fi go down a me granny piece a land and see people set up shop. But on the other side, where the government expect people to go when them give them few days to vacate somewhere they have lived for 20 years?

Honestly, think about it. You a live there because yu pay just cyaan reach nowhere else. Them decide dem want di land. Fine. A people land. But you mean that the 50 human beings weh live inna dis building nuh have the combined worth that is necessary for the government to care where they end up?


Its fine, just put them in the streets? A nuh people, whaapen to di children? how dem go school? when dem disrupted so, yu tink dem can learn? and when dem nuh learn, and dem drop out, where dem end up? Chino coulda sing til him sick, dem still a go join gang and show up a yu house gate and waan juck yu down.

We are making the same problem we are trying to fix. We are all Third World people, but we banish people that live with us to the fourth and fifth world within our own shores. What do you think will happen?

People need fi live somewhere. House them temporarily and give them time to see about other arrangements. you ever try pull up yu house inna a matter of days, all when yu have money it nuh easy

not everybody have ‘poverty safety net’ such as friends weh have space fi dem

come on man Jamaica

we mus can do better dan dis!



One Reply to “dem basic food tax people a grieve me now & we need low income housing”

  1. Well said. Jamaica’s a young country but could we learn from other nations and be MORE PROGRESSIVE?!? Yes, squatters need to stop residing on people land but how about low income housing? Time the government actually do sumn fi di ppl.

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