Stein Ft Boom Boom- summer time agen….unnu cuddn tell me bout brown gad?

When i heard this song a few questions came to mind.

Stein Just call himself brown God? sorry Brown Gad? <–not in my cabinet. neither me what-not

a me one tink seh stein decide say richie loops and kartel tek it two year runnin a him name missa summer dis year?

a me or all a di summer song dem soun alike?

a me one wonda if stein realise seh a spring

a  me one never know Boom Boom?

A me one wonda why Stein a ask how summer come so fast? Summer nuh come roughly di same time every year?

yu ever try fry egg pon road? i did. #fail

a me one wonder why every body a mention short up shorts and belly skin like a nuh Jamaican gyal uniform dat. all up a UWI

a me one a wonder if stein really have a jeep? and if not, yu fi can sing bout tings weh yu nuh have? grupie dem a go claim false advertising

gyal a gi it weh di bwoy fren a get vex <–a me one tink if di boy fren know di gyal nah do summn right?

di gyal dem a tek press<–like pressa? by di way. yu memba pressa?

summer time 30 gyal to one man <–ooman multiply inna summer? ooman a reverse gremlin, instead a throw water pon dem a di heat mek dem multiply?

or di man dem summer body nuh ready so yu haffi share di one dem wid di six pack? crate nah wear again?

a me one tink di Jamaican artist dem committed to dem farrin artist? all christina milian, yu did memba she?

money pull up a nuh less than 3 grand <–what currency?

did he just make a tarzan reference?

a me one tink di man did seh summn odda dan sample six? lissen agen

a me one nein know yu coulda substitute half a song wid a big ups section

a me one frighten when di one soprano girl just run een from no where

a me one realise seh di song a real 2.5 minutes?

a me one a wonda if me can get boom boom work? me can chat to enuh. me ready!

a me one a wonder if di selector dem nuh vex seh boom boom tek weh dem work

a me one a wonda if boom boom fat <–you know you thought it…well…maybe only the fat people

oh by di way, dis is me liking di song.


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