judge me!

one likkle poem mix up in deh somewhere

why patois cyan get a break?

if yu nuh like it

bite it

and chat to me back



12 Replies to “judge me!”

  1. all i can say is…. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! …wait…that didn’t sound right…..ME LOVE IT!!!! I enjoyed your poetry and things like this makes me proud no matter where i am in the world, to be a Jamaican…Buss de patwa my girl dweeet!!! show dem seh a our ting dis!! …x

  2. yow. yu sum up everyting weh mi feel. but a likkle istry…people does speak pawta odda places. wheeva jamaican peepl did go – san andreas et la provedencia, columbia, limon, costa rica, and mosquito coast, nicaragua, an maybe some more.

    1. thanks for di history lesson
      i wasnt meaning its the only place its spoken
      i mean we are where it originated
      different creole languages are referred to as patois
      but a we one have da one yah

  3. Lawg Gud !!! Miss Moore … I been watching yu videos fi some time now … and now me totally confuze !!!!! …. now yu mek me start look pon meself like I don”t know what is what !!!

    Ms. Moore yu was chatting patwha all along ???…. Baxside… Ma’am I NEVER KNOW … mind yu me Born and grow a Jamaica ,,, ALL mi life till just the other day me move come a farin ..Big Old man as me is … I realized mi is one dummy … I cannot tell the difference from patwah & English … . Especially When You talk it … .. in the poem I hear when yu go dung inna the Country chat yes … but in yu videos … to me IT IS CLEAR AS DAY … how you speak … just like how me speak … now me confuze …

    Ms. Moore I love how you speak .. and I understand EVERY WORD … EVERYTHING CLEAR CLEAR … and in my book ANYBODY from Jamaica that say they don’t understand or that yu a chat BAD !!! …should jump off some wea very high … and into some water very DEEP .. like Rick”s Cafe and I hope they can’t swim.

  4. A dis mi a chat bout. When mi a a talk a mi yard mi sista a tel mi say a ear de hat are . I am a well educated girl who always pass her English test, but at the same time I am a proud country Jamaican. When u go a uptown the little idiot then luv skin up them nose , yes dem fi kin it up inna the polluted city, and not at this proud country girl. Keep doing u thing my girl

  5. Yes “JUDGE MI” a long time mi waan smadi adres dis, turning up their noses at a language that is only unique to us is appalling. I have always said Jamaica is a bilingual country whether they like it or not.

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