hide yu pink di new flag nah match

i don’t know if you know about this flag controversy

but in essence in a recent swearing in for the Mayor of Montego bay (a PNP candidate)

it appeared the flag made a cameo minus that offensive green

me nuh know if a true

but if it is

that’s some bullshit

yu cyaan dismantle di flag caw it nuh suit yu

a di country dat

and di country ranks above your party

might i repeat….DI COUNTRY RANKS ABOVE YOUR PARTY to all who a listen

so of course…smaddy get fired (the fall guy)

and will probably get re-hired somewhere else (we take care of our own! den nuh mus!)

caw a nuh dweet enuh, a di party

but di public must be appeased

as me seh….me nuh sure how fi cast di judgment

either way

fi people who have pink inna dem closet yu may waan reconsider

caw come een like di flag soon change and it a go clash wid di orange

so me get it so me sell it me nuh add nuh tax

happy sundeh

One Reply to “hide yu pink di new flag nah match”

  1. It sick me. Politics on a whole sick. it’s disrespectful what was done and the PM should had taken harsher action. Jamaican people patriotic, dem lucky noody never gash a fiya pon dem. streups!

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