Damian Marley does Dubstep- make it bun dem

me always wonder how dubstep coulda be a relative a dub but so few Jamaican artist deh pon it
me cuddn blaze nuh fire caw me a seh maybe a nuh we tek it serious

me love dubstep
but u have dis one beat weh everybody love drop inna it weh soun like when puss a drop offa car and a struggle fi nuh lick groun
and a nex part weh soun like when people granny drink hot tea and a belch
yu know di soun
me hear smaddy say house musi soun like robots f*cking
some dubstep soun di same

dubstep finally mek its way home (ish) and gonzilla drop pon di track
me like skrillex
(insert one a di baddes’ song me hear in a while here)
and me love gong

da chune yah now…
me like it
me nuh love it
but me lissen it two time
and me like it more di second time
di bassline a gimme a bubble inna a cornah wid a spliff vibe
di rest a gimme a skateboarders wid neon shades feelin
me nuh know weh inna di worl dem two sittn deh combine
but wehever it deh
a deso da song ….
di granny belch jus buss
and di puss a drop offa di car
stop wid dis friggin soun. it nuh haffi inna every song!
either way…me glad fi see dubstep land a yard
and me glad seh it lan wid a reggae artist (as in reggae vs dancehall)

me feel it a go grow pon me
wah yu seh?



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