yu know the Gullah? not Gullah Gullah island…the real Gullah

yu did know bout di Gullah?

me admit, me never know.

The Gullah are a people that live in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia

I will skip the history lesson and tell you this….dem talk like we and dem gwaan like we

Most of the Africans that came into the US came in through this region and they have maintained much more of the African culture than other African Americans

did i mention dem talk like we

dem seh unnu

dem seh bin yah

dem seh come yah

now i’ve never watched Gullah Gullah island, but i know them have a tadpole name binyah- which is a tribute to the Gullah/Geechee culture

i doubt, however, that they allowed the people on it to speak in the native language, you know language very political

either way big ups to Nick for trying a ting

watch da story teller yah, and tell me who she remind yu of…

Nuh Ms. Lou dat? yu hear when she say di hog yeays …nuh ears…yeays. and di hog lay dung. sas crise

if yu waan know more see di wiki link here

and see a likkle documentary yaso too

me cyan believe it

dem talk jus like we to fawt….Africa lives on eeh? no matter how dem try.  Of course the culture is under threat because the young people keep leaving seeking better opportunities and the only income in the areas is from tourism.

They could develop the areas as tourist destinations but that would destroy the local culture. Always the catch 22

also…of course, everybody here bout dis new and different area and gone go buil dem big house down there and a send up property values to the point that people cyaan afford fi live inna dem own home anymore

dear Euro-Americans

the world is not your friggin oyster, you movin all over the place pissing money on people and seeking the exotic….that exotic place is someone’s home. at least have the manners to respect the local customs and traditions when you move there! we nah seh nuh move, we nah seh nuh spen yu money, a your money, but a fi di people dem land, have some respect. and di worse part, often people just haffi put up wid it because dem need di money. can we share di world wid respect?

…Indigenous people have a whole heap more fi seh pon dis matter

anyways, this is not that kind of post.

big ups to the Gullah. !!

bin yah come yah indeed


5 Replies to “yu know the Gullah? not Gullah Gullah island…the real Gullah”

  1. Unnu is a Igbo word.
    I also heard her say “seh” which is a Twi word.
    I always used to hear american people sing this “Kumbaya” song until one day a Geechi lady told me it means “Kum by Yah Laad” and it all made sense. But at the same time, the accent is in my ears somewhat Caribbean but not really. There has been some speculation as to whether Gulla comes from Caribbean slaves who were relocated, or if it sprung up independently in South Carolina from slave-trade pidgin. Since slaves were moved around quite a bit, being sold as property, I have a feeling it may have come from relocated Caribbean slaves although this has never been proven.

  2. i’ve been a student of the gullah culture ever since my grandfather (from a small town in south carolina that doesn’t exist anymore called Adam’s run) told me that his people were gullah. had the pleasure of going to the low country for the annual gullah festival. good eats!

  3. i couldnt believe the similarities. Even that ‘mon’ thing that Jamaicans are famous for i watch another of their documentaries and i heard them using it and talking about ‘sweating out fever’. Yep we are more Africans than we know.

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