the vegans gonna love dis

me just a go start wid di picture

Now imagine me a look pon me facebook page. Genkle Genkle and see Junior come post dis

yu know seh dah fish deh never ready fi dead yet don’t?

if a me a cook da fish yah me nuh nyam it caw it sure fi gimme mawly grip and fluxy complaint (dat come een like indigestion fi all weh nuh know)

summn ever  gi yu side eye from di pot yet?

di fish bex!!!!

me seh if yu nyam dis it surely swim up back through yu intestines and choke yu

me feel di vegan dem can use dis fi dem nex campaign

dem a show we all a di sad animal dem

nex dem fi show we de mad animal dem

fi remind we seh dem full a emotion and we nyam up all a dem feelings


dat aside… a strong back dish dis enuh

yu a pree di ochro

lone slime dat enuh

*cues chino*

girl bring it come mek me rough it up fi yu*





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