VLOG Happy Mother’s Day 2012. tanks fi not mekkin we swallow teeth

Greetings and salutations,

me know yu nuh hear from me inna a while, my apalagies.

Me cuddn mek di moddas day pass and me nuh seh summn to di modda dem

not only di biological modda dem but all who a do di moddarin wuk

because  a nuff auntie and daddy and grand mummy a raise pickney

and people a foster pickney and adopt pickney and all dese tings

and complete stranger who jus end up wid baby inna dem house

big ups to all who a do the mothering work


3 Replies to “VLOG Happy Mother’s Day 2012. tanks fi not mekkin we swallow teeth”

  1. oh my god!!!! i couldnt bathe my son for like the first 2 weeks of his life. i was so scared to do it … id just stay beside my mother and watch her do it.

    thank God for my Momma!!!

  2. Sorry Carla, some woman are just incubators! Mothers Break The Cycle.
    When does the so called happy marriage more important than a girls innocence?
    Why must you mothers turn your eyes from the incest.why do you mothers ignore the blood stain sheets and the mysterious bruises.
    When is your pleasurable moans more important than the painful moans of a girls innocene being ripped away from between their legs.
    Why do you raise your grandchild as your own or keep the secret abortions.
    Why must you turn away your own flesh and blood so she can become the girl with no self worth.
    Mothers!when will you love your daughters so they can love themselves?
    When will you stop subjecting your daugters to these pedefiles.
    Mothers open your eyes,ears to the signs and your daughters painful confessions,let her know that she did nothing wrong and most of all
    let her know how much you love her.because until you begin to protect your daughters and not these sick and twisted indivisuals
    The cycle will never be broken. @>–Happy Mother’s Day!@>– to all the strong MOTHERS and especialy the SINGLE MOTHERS,

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