VLOG portmore mini bus /transport authority crash. summn need fi change

Firstly, my condolences to the family of the Ascot High student who was killed in the crash

a bus over turned in portmore today while allegedly being chased by the transport authority
a 15 year old student of Ascot High  Lennox Lloyd was killed and several injured

following the accident there has been a lot of back and forth and accusations and denials as to whether or not transport authority gave chase and is responsible for the accident



this is normal and i suppose necessary but my concern is this-
instead of according some respect to the life has been lost somehow we have jumped over to placing blame
now, somebody will have to take some responsibility
must take some
but have we forgotten the human
and if blame is being placed
we must tek some too


5 Replies to “VLOG portmore mini bus /transport authority crash. summn need fi change”

  1. I agree. There are a few of us who will stand and wait on a JUTC rather than take these Coaster buses. The drivers are too reckless on the Coaster buses. However, JUTC buses are not on every route so the public has no other choice. This is truly sad, another life lost to these careless drivers.

  2. I saw a lot ot persons saying RIP and condolences to the family of the young man.

    It is very unfortunate what happened, at the same time it is somewhat human nature to abuse power. Bus driver feeling powerful trying to elude authority; TA feeling powerfull, given the responsibilty of ‘harrassing’ PPv drivers.

    Our ppl are short-sighted and generally reactive rather than proactive, from the heads to the citizens. nobody thinks! Very unfortunate.

    1. that is the truth
      i have seen a few RIPs but in my opinion the loss of Lennox’s life is not being accorded the respect it deserves
      and we do tend to be short sighted
      now i hear there was no chase. its descending into he said she said
      i hope some sense can come of it sooner rather than later

  3. Hi… Found your video by accident on youtube (how to spot a J’can in farrin). HILARIOUS!! Had me dying with laughter. I live in Israel (though now I’m in the US), I tell you, using your symbols of Jamaican-ness would definitely throw you for a loop in Israel, cause there is a large movement of Israelis (black &white) that are more J’can than you and me! Dem Dj, Dem talk Patois, Dem have dancehall queen, dem have sound clash….even have wi flag a wave like a fi dem lol. Girl, did not know what dutty whine was until a while Israeli show mi how fi dweet! No lie haha.

    Any way just wanted to send you a quick hello and let you know that your videos are hilarious.

    PS. I’m new to Twitter, but I’ve just started following you. @michalimichal

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