Why i love all rounder – Garlic Sauce

Me nuh care wah yu waan seh

yuu cyaan get me weh from all rounder

everybody know a him did fi win soca Monarch las year but dem tief him out


all rounder nuh young enuh

but a him say latex outfit

a him say mohawk

and a him seh daughter fi back up dancer. a so yu build empire. #worldboss

anyways. 2011 done. all rounder come back and video buss now

garlic sauce short and all rounder come fi soothe di people dem sorrows….i bet yu cyaan figure what garlic sauce is a thinly veiled reference for. bet yu!

him watch di girl burger. him hold it. and him cover it inna garlic sauce. better dan dat a lone pelvic gyrations di ooman dem inna di video a gi we

still nuh know what di sauce is don’t?

him never even hungry but di ooman force him fi supper

dem nowadays gyal yah

watch him face when him seh supper

me seh yu cyaan to old fi slap weh yu career

and now him is miming spreading garlic on di ooman bottom

and pree di hair

all rounder


you fi me money

one ting i tell u….dis song woulda never come outta jamaica



peppa sauce <–ketchup dem a play man a peppa


garlic sauce?

kiss teeth and walk weh

yes caricom yu diverse


in case yu nuh believe me when me seh a all rounder fi win soca monarch

witness his magnificence

yu see when a elderly man go a hairdresser of mek him likkle niece weave a blonde mohawk pon him

and spray himself into a full gold outfit

dat man is a winner in my book

gyalic sauuucceee


2 Replies to “Why i love all rounder – Garlic Sauce”

  1. LOL…… as gross as this is… the gentleman can captivate an audience, whether it be for entertainment… or just that you soo freaked out u cant tek ur eyes off his performance..

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