an ode to new beginnings- June!

me nuh know bout you but May was a rollercoaster ride fimme

me feel like me live a whole-a year inna di past 31 days

however…june de yah and may is behind us and….we survived

RIP to the people we lost

welcome to the new souls who jus land yah

and keep troddin to everybody still in the fight

what follows is a musical (ish) hodgepodge of songs that represent where i am right now

on day 1

of June

if yu jus get pay…rehhhhhhhhh

if yu did have short week…woiiiiiiii

if yu tiyad and pop down….sleeeppppp

and if yu haffi work weekend….buillllllllll

whichever way…enjoy your. self

riddim up!

in no particular order



dance like a white girl!

move up yu body

tek serious ting mek joke. but do yu work.

remember. never give up


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