OLYMPICS Update – passa passa continues Ben Johnson and Blake watch

latest Olympics passa passa update

Ben Johnson –as in Thursday is Ben Johnson day caw money done Ben Johnson- says he can beat Bolt

Now at first I was upset about this because I was just fed up of all the people  KipRich-in up the situation trying to look a hype off a odda people name.

First Carl Lewis

and now Ben. Ben who come from di same place as Bolt?! Anyways, me decide fi turn off di hot head and think it through. Me realise seh it nuh really fair fi me a call him jaggobite and backbiter and these tings. The man have the right fi talk bout him own career and what him think bout him athletic ability. If him feel him get cut down inna him prime sake a drugs, and unlike Gatlin et al him never get a second chance, maybe him coulda beat Bolt. regardless, the point is he has a right to say what he’s saying about HIMSELF and i guess Bolt is the standard so its expected that him name a go call. Fine. Me get over dat. Yu can see that interview yaso

So me a mind me business now and me hear Blake name start call. Yu know me ready fi di war. So Yohan go run race wid USD500.000 worth a Richard Mille watch pon him hand. Me did too busy a pree di nail dem and nein a pay attention. Anyways, IOC say day is not an official time piece caw missa Mille never sponsor so now Yohan a go get fine


sigh. me nuh even sure wah fi say. if dem say only official tings and it nuh officcial dem have a right fi vex, but look how Yohan jus Jamaican up di ting long time and go roun dem? anyways, everybody know say him just a go wear it, missa Mille pay di fine and gi him some money pon top and him come home come buy car. After Blake a nuh eediat? Dem a try decide wah fi fine him before him wear di watch inna di finals, wait til dem see di chain weh weir have fi back out pon dem.

Anyways me a watch dem caw odda people do di same ting wid da same designer yah and never get fine so me dis a watch now if dem plan fi mek example outta Beast

anyways, signing off now. me soon update yu agen

black green and gold love



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