Carl Lewis runs for New Jersey Senate….this explains a lot

and in the latest look a hype news, we now understand why Lewis was running off at the face about Usain

in a desperate attempt to not remain but rather become relevant, Lewis took to slandering Usain so someone would remember who he is before he runs for US Senate

OK, that sounds harsh. I don’t want to take away from what the man has actually don

but really

really Carl?

I am ashamed to share your name

yu a look a hype offa Usain fi start yu career?

why yu never jus go gym and drop a sex tape like everybody else?

thats how we do relevant these days

don’t worry the American people woulda forgive you and give you a reality TV show


well Usain, yu reach, people a try use yu as spring board. pop yu collar and go train yah.

read di rest yaso


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