Justin Bieber As Long as You Love Me #WIN—me nah tek back nuh chat

mekka tell yu summn

i doan really care wah unnu waan seh

and how him corny

and all a dese tings

da bwoy yah a di ultimate teen dream

man song all have di same name as a Back Street Boys hit

hear me?

man a mek every kinda transition and a buss every kinda Madonna reinvention a self

man seh yow…voice a change enuh…mek we easy pon di high note and jus talk it out fi now

Usher seh yow…di same ting nah happpen to you weh happen to me enuh

we nah skip no album inna di mean time enuh…money we a seh

so see a vocal coach yah….run it

puberty get thee behind me!

true by me see Bieber a fly down stairs

a play fight wid a bag a big body gyal

a gi we heart throb face and clench up jaw a la clint east wood

*cue tumble weed*

me seh

yu hear wah me seh


and me nah tek back nuh whatsit chat!

a me one find seh di video a gimme R. Kelly “this is Mr Big” ..”How you doin Mr.Big”?

why dem musician yah mus always a try wrap up wid people ooman and gyal pickney and get beatin?

is a violent place dem live enuh

cold. dangerous. full a hair gel

oh…and big sean in deh too

me nuh sure weh me stand pon sean

but da one line yah have me

“the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, its green where you water it” <–#BOOM

more time we need more a dem thinkin yah

work out a ting and stop run weh sometimes man

Sean voice a gimme Drake wid allergies steez

and me nuh sure


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