US Presidential Debates set to song (and a little on why Jamaica so concerned bout di debates)

it is a true sign of how tings stay dat many Jamaicans were glued to the US Presidential debates last nights

despite not having any ability to vote we were nevertheless very concerned with what these two men had to say

me see friendship a mash up and people a trace

me see people a accuse people of not utilising dem right to vote at home and a ask dem why dem care bout farrin

overall di ting did just get ugly

now, me never watch di debates because di truth is me cyaan change who will be president either way, all me can do a buckle down and wait fi dem policies start affect me and yaad

and they will affect yaad

start affect whether we can get visa fi go there. start affect how me relatives weh live there live. start affect how Jamaica semi governs itself

Things are unequal and have been unequal for some time. When Jamaica a have Prime Ministerial debates no American nah watch

And they don’t have to. Because them do wah dem waan do inna dem own country.

Them country have sovereignty so while di world a watch di US di US watches only itself and its enemies

On the flip side the USA and its interests are over represented in the minds and governments of almost every country in the world.

Pay attention to them because this will decide how much aid money yu can get if natural disaster lick

Pay attention to them because the outcome may decide how many tourists will come your way

Pay attention to them because the US big inna di IMF and everybody know say IMF is on the border of having controlling shares in how Jamaica run.

Pay attention to them because this might decide who dem bruk war pon next year so yu need fi know weh yu mustn’t bother tek jobs cus US a go reduce it to dust and ash

Pay attention to them because colonialism did them a world of good and keeps paying dividends today

No one country should exert so much power on the lives of people who are not its citizens.

Now, I understand how Jamaica stay…diaspora tun up, and for the interests of our families we cannot ignore the US

But the fact that so many Jamaicans have to move to the US to survive is an issue in and of itself. And persisting neo-colonial relationships between the US and the rest of the world just keep feeding into this inquality.

Anywho, yu know di bwoy dem weh do hide yo kids hide yo wife, dem tun it inna song.

Tek serious ting mek joke and dash out to tax reform.


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