Gangnam Badman Style (we all knew it was coming and look is a nex gun song -_-)

in case yu nuh know Gangnam style

(and since di ting has accumulated over 400,000,000 views on youtube alone its unlikey)

let me buss yu pon it before me post di Jamaican cover

so di ting a run road red and wid good reason

who nuh waan hop up and down inna horse stable and wheel imaginary lasso cross pedestrian crossing?

when me hear it inna club me gallop like  caymanas me deh and feel good doing it

so of course we mek a yaadie version a di ting

Mega Banton, Singer J and G Loc drop the video Thursday

i am entertained by the fact that we’ve made our own version

and especially amused by the ‘typical’ Jamaican characters doing the dance

but anybody can tell me why di ting haffi be so violent?

yes, violent music exists

yes, Jamaica is violent in parts

but as an artist….why yu cuddn stick wid di original fun-ness a di original song?

Jamaicans nuh have fun?

we nuh dance?

we nuh party?

a jus buss we buss gun?

rest di nozzle pon yu head and mek it blow?

kill dem andem style?

long carbine inna spine

shot inna dem head like African pride?

and den really a go pony hop cross me screen

look here me  a get sick a unnu now

please go sit down and be quiet and don’t speak until you remember how to be an artist

caw at dis point yu nah just reflect society, yu a help mash up wah we have

a nuh jus one way fi be Jamaican


i see you trying to get up

nobody wants to hear

sit silently

in that corner there


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