#HashCon2012 a online advocacy we seh enuh. World AIDS Day Style



weh me vloggers, bloggers, and Jamaicans weh waan mek a difference deh?
UNICEF a partner up with di yaad ponline movement fi big up some positive SHEroes fi World AIDS Day
wah dat mean?
if yu conscious bout whaa gwaan wid HIV a yaad
and yu

either waan talk bout some ooman weh a mek a difference
or to some ooman weh a live wid HIV
or how ooman can live up wid di virus
den do a vlog or a blog and enter

see di details yah
a it dis enuh
a we seh live up time and no Jamaican left behind.
add yu voice yaso
and yi even win a prize!

And see some work from UNICEF’s positive SHEroes campaign here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.388484101232873.91949.363831203698163&type=1

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