all who a clap hand like seal bout BBM7…a hope unnu know unnu bun days DONE

this is the day that the Lord has made

BBM7 has arrived so be glad in it

but try know say your days of bun are over for yu nuh have no excuse fi miss phone call now

due to how yu have free calling from blackberry to blackberry

nuh seh me nein warn yu



One response

  1. A who u a chat bout… Mek she galong wid fi she man. It come cross like you a wish bad mind or something. It’s just cycles of life my dear. . It good till it not good again. Nuh worry yuh mind to the point weh yuh feel like yuh must post something pon it. Your time soon come. Yuh too big fi dat. you above dem tings. You reach international celebrity already. A nuh nothing. Yuh love how mi a butt into ppl business? (wink). Tru mi respect you.
    – blessings. Love, ur mudda

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