4 Replies to “scandal recap Jan 17th: a weh fitz jus do? a weh olivia jus do? doyle fava when dem bwile hog!”

  1. Hi,
    I can’t leave you a message on YouTube unless I create a channel…so I’m writing here.

    You’re hilarious. I’m Jamaican and live in the states (in Massachusetts, you might have heard our area just got about 3 feet of snow)…anyway, like someone else just wrote under your newest Scandal vlog, I got a link for your VW comments and have been watching your stuff and hooked ever since. (Btw, you know they used Jimmy Cliff as the voice of the guy in that commercial and to sing the song.)

    You are truly talented AND funny. I look forward to your continued postings.

    And as someone who’s using your vlogs as a way to get back up to speed with current Jamaican culture/happenings, could you please tell me what a “bunnist” is? I’m figuring it’s someone who always “burns” someone else, especially in relationships, but am not sure.


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