On Nelson Mandela’s Teachings and the Power of One: RIP Madiba


Imandela no passionf there is one thing we should have learned from Nelson Mandela, its the power of one.
If one man, one ordinary man…because he was just an ordinary man until he started doing extraordinary things….if one ordinary man could have done all the he did, what could ordinary you do?
There is no difference between you or I and Mandela, not when he started.
The difference is in the end, and that difference is hard work and commitment and courage. It is seeking and activating wisdom in his life. It is remaining indefatigable in the face of trial after trial. It is faith and a belief in self and a belief in humanity. He remained a person that believes in people. As many of us give up on humanity – and make no mistake giving up on person after person in your own life will eventually lead you to give up on humanity – we disrespect his legacy. If we are to call him Madiba, in affection and respect, we must honour his teachings. We must stop smalling up ourselves, we must stop accepting that we are mediocre, we must not only laud Madiba, but recognise we are Madiba. I think that is the point of his words and his life, we are the ones who must combine mind and heart. We are the ones who must make the difference. He is one of the few, but only because we ignored his call, we did not do what was necessary to join him. Rest In Power Madiba

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