#DearCaribbean: On Loving Yaad, Leaving Yaad, and Why Some a We Waan Run Come Back

This Vlog is my likkle contribution to the Check out the Red For Gender Caribbean Blog Carnival.
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or pree di hashtag #DearCaribbean on twitter
a dem say e-mas enuh, so join di online jump up and di virtual wuk up
even if yu nuh com from deh, from yu love di Caribbean seh rehhhhhh!!!

3 Replies to “#DearCaribbean: On Loving Yaad, Leaving Yaad, and Why Some a We Waan Run Come Back”

  1. Wow!!! Carla your poem is beautiful. I can feel all your love, hope & pride for your country. I’m of English/Guyanese descent living in Canada but I can certainly understand you wanting to remain in Jamaica; how is the country to flourish if all of it’s bright, intelligent leaders like yourself leave taking this valuable resource with you? I follow you on f/b & always wondered if you’re directly involved in any mentorship programs- if not, you should be. You should also really consider politics- Jamaica needs good people like yourself. Keep up the fabulous work. from, A fan.

  2. Yes Yes Yes! So much of this resonates with why we are doing the work we do here in Grenada.

    P.S. Big up pants-optional policies!

    – Malaika BSL
    Director, Groundation Grenada

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