Dear women, go after partners who share housework and offer you emotional stability.

dear women,
go for partners who share housework and who offer you an emotionally stable environment.


please note I said share not ‘help with’.

keeping a shared space clean is not your job alone so whatever they do is actually their part not some assistance to you.

go after these kinds of partners because you have dreams and hopes and school and work and a limited amount of energy with which to attend to all those things.

the time you take to do housework is time you take away from working on things that you are passionate about and that are important to you. the time you take to clean up behind two grown people is even more time you have to carve away from your own purpose, and its not fair.

the time you take to worry and wonder about a partner’s fidelity and intentions for you or to do battle with additional partners or try to separate lies from truth is time you could use to work on things that can move your life forward. and asking you to constantly derail your days because of avoidable emotional upheaval is not fair to you.

if we understand that a part of partnership is supporting someone’s dreams then we need to talk about the everyday kind of support that frees up time to go after those dreams: washing some dishes and being completely honest with a partner is also a part of helping her go after her dreams.

too many people out here claiming they love their woman but then working against her greatness by tying up her time with petty drama and forcing her to carry the weight of the domestic by herself.

the idea of the ride or die does not account for the fact that the women will most likely remain in the passenger seat. they’ll remain there in part because the ‘or die’ clause includes drama and emotional insecurity in the fine print and she’ll be so busy dealing with the issues brought into her life by her ride or die driver that she can’t breathe, grow, and excel as an individual.

you deserve better. better is available. go for it.

support your evolution in every way including who you put beside you in the bed. you won’t regret it.



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