NEWVLOG Valemtime’s Special- wah valentine’s shoulda REALLY name

well it was my intention to load this on Matey Valentine’s

(aka di first satdeh after…if you were celebrating belated valentine’s for no ‘good’ reason….you might be the matey)

but FLOW said NO

so it went up likkel after

we can talk bout weh Valemtime’s day wudda name if we did  honest bout wah gwaan panni day?

happy drinking wine straight from the bottle and watching Sex and the City Day

Happy me buy yu present a Fontana day


Is A Yaad Ting Emanci-Pendence 2013 Edition – Yu know bout Ms. Farm Queen?


Me mek sure wait til di festivities done before me post da one yah because me waan mek sure me can covah ebryting.

Points of information

1) Ken Boothe red velvet suit weh look like him brush it a day time like hair

2) Di police dem weh appear wid ticket book like abracadabra every time holiday weekend draw near.

3) Di importance of a woman who can smile pretty, be smart, and know how fi read almanac….behold Jamaica Farm Queen


TunUp Tuesdays: How granny cup a water pon di night stand did set har body right

Fi all a di people weh have giraffe ambitions and grung dove money, TunUp Tuesdays is for you.

This is the budget fitness segment wid a likkle Jamaican flair.

So if yu nuh have di gym budget but yu waan di long livity, pree we and share weh yu know.

Labour Day 2013, Jamaica, and believing in Jamaica as a Labour of Love (crickets included)

By now those of us who were labouring for Jamaica’s Labour Day 2013 should be home digesting the road side bully beef and cornmeal cartwheel dumplin’

while yu pick out yu teeth

tek een da likkle message yah bout labour day, Jamaica, and believing in Jamaica as a Labour of Love

and when yu done wid dat, soak off yu corn and lissen to dis

SCANDAL: why huck mus carry di troubles a di worl and olivia a money fi fitz earn interest pon har?

me nuh watch las week one

sake a 1channel hide it from me


three weeks worth a scandal right here

unnu can tell me why dem tink mellie did dis a go siddung mek fitz treat har like she nyam him prize white fowl/.

and why olivia have di yaki inna di shower widout shower cap

and wah shonda have gainst huck?


NEW VLOG: Don’t be a Duppy Bat Ep 3: why man feel say ooman mus know say ‘come watch movie’ mean ‘come gimme some sex’

me nuh really sure
is like when yu come do wah dem say yu fi come do
dem have yu up
how it go?

NEW VLOG: Duppy Bat Ep2: Ray J, Kim K, and telling lie pon people p*m p*m

no man

smaddy need fi answer Ray-J and all a him combolo dem near and far weh a carry lasco enermax belly fi people p*m p*m

di only ting weh last fi eva is salvation

so nuh feel seh caw you hit it first yu imprint like Twilight and it belong to u fi eva


and fi all a di res a man weh a tell lie pon people…TAP!


NEW POEM: speed trap (‘mature’ content and deals with sexual assault)

a few things i’ve been thinking through.
there’s a lot we don’t discuss about the aftermath of being interfered with in certain ways
and the struggles to reclaim things that were taken from you
and how those struggles show up and mess up your most intimate moments.