if you have ever wondered about the exact shape and dimension

of keri hilson’s vagina, then this one’s for you

mz keri baby has taped her latest lady doctor visit and put it to a beat chile!

i don’t know why she even bothered with the….storyline?…and….actresses?

if she wants to wave her coco bread at the world she just be a big woman about it and do it lil kim style

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBqOFMaIpHc <—exhibit A, a bitch that just don’t care

come on Keri

you can be straight with us

we don’t judge

*side eye and walks away*


I stopped at 3:27
i couldnt take anymore
why QQ a bite lip and a flash finger?
…me feel like me jus witness QQ autition tape fi Edna Manley
why must they always do this to you?

it’s like they don’t even want to give you a shot at passing for straight


jesus…the wheel

did you ever wonder

how certain terms come to be in the Jamaican vocabulary?
For example…the word gravalicious, which is our version of the word avaricious, which means greedy . 1e already had greedy, craben, hoganeering and many others…why avaricious?
And is always big word we go for too enuh

Like copasetic….a word that means satisfactory or ok.
The word was supposedly popular in the 1915-1920 period and they have yet to identify the origin
Can please tell me how Baby Cham get it in 1990s to be telling girl say dem hole nuh miserable and dem life copaset?
Where it jus’ come from

things that piss me off 1 (TTPMO)

This scenario:

two people approach each other

me: hi

person: hiiiiii


*lean back*

person: you’re good right? <—what is that

it’s like code for ‘ i don’t even wanna hear if something is wrong girrrrll, and even though we’ve been socialised to say “i’m fine” even if we’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown i cannot take the risk that you may be the one person having an honest answer day, so lemme go ahead and supply the answer for you: you’re good

better you don’t say anything. just hug and start telling me how your day is going or leave quickly, but don’t hit me with ‘you’re good right’

i find it particularly prevalent at artsy fartsy events- calabash and market on the lawn

and anywhere that upwardly mobile young people congregate- most things involving digicel and the word ‘tweet up’

the next person that says it to me is gonna get a no, no, i’m not good. and see what happens to their face

adele the evil talented wench


every now and again an artist appears who is determined to dig up into your craw and find all of the feelings you had neatly packed away. to cause you emotional duress, to mad yu r*ss

for me, adele is that artist

ask me why she go through five black woman worth a pain in her 21 years me nuh know

i enjoy the fact that she has the 40 year old smoker voice

and has had it since she was 19

if you have experienced heartbreak within the past 5 years

this song is not for you

if you’re comfortable in love

don’t listen to it, you may turn on them for the pain they MAY cause you

its NSFW because you may start crying

but if you’re feeling froggy


it’s a great song….aside from the part where it rips you to shreds

what’s cooler than being cool?

brrrr, it's cold in here, there must be some eediats in the atmosphere

Ice Cold!

I understand that we want to ink our whole body

but please Jesus

let it be good ink.

can anyone please explain what is the significance of an ice cream cone on your face?

and if it’s not enough…the word “brrr” tattooed inside the cone (missed that did you? it’s right in the top coney part that gets soggy first, go on, squint and look at it).  The fact that it was an ice cream cone didn’t imply that it was cold? At this point with some of these rappers I think if they need to jot something down and can’t find a post-it they’ll just put it on a cheek or something.

oh…..why is red lightning striking the ice cream? or are those ice cream flames.

i give up….

but i’ll be back