“The essence I embrace are my curves, a

“The essence I embrace are my curves, and if I could, I’d be naked most of the time… After years of being insecure and half-loving myself as person who isn’t the ‘normal’ shape, size and sometimes even color, I decided that it would be easier to embrace who I am than to fight everyone telling me who I have to be.” — Felicia

I’ve NEVER shown my back in public because of my back flab…worse when I sweat. When I first saw this picture I didn’t know how to look at it…the part of me that hates my back flab wanted to look away. The other part couldn’t believe she was so audacious. this image has changed a lot about the way I feel about my back flab…because…it’s just skin. Like any other skin. There’s no actual reason I should be so self conscious about it. More women have ‘normal’ bodies than have ‘perfect’ bodies but I just always looked at the modelish ones because that’s what I was shown…i choose now to look at myself


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