#NewVlog On (Black) shame and (in)dignity


Some time over the last week a video surfaced of a mostly naked woman beating her daughter with a machete.

These images are not foreign to Jamaica or, I would hazard, most black and Caribbean communities.

It’s re-ignited a national debate about the boundaries of corporal punishment and child abuse and, of course, the mainstay of how unstable and unsuitable ( poor)black women are to mother.

Thankfully some new thought leaders are emerging with more compassionate and de-colonial readings of the incident including Jaevion Nelson whose Gleaner Article is available here and Damien “I am Worthy” Williams.

What I think we also need to discuss is the issue of dignity and why we are so comfortable sharing images of black shame and suffering whole claiming black people deserve more respect.

My own two cents on the matter can be found here on my youtube channel.

Remember to subscribe and, as always, that shares and clicks won’t save the world, we have to get out and actually support each other.

Happy Sunday my darlings.



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